Best 3 NFL Helmet Logos and Symbols

by mikonmark on November 29, 2010

This week I will render an “authoritative” opinion on the best three NFL helmet logos. Next week I will do the worst three NFL helmets.

Here are the criteria for a good logo that weighs into my choices. 

  1. Image only. Logos that have letters or initials are unimaginative. A good logo is iconic.
  2. Artistic interpretation of the mascot.
  3. Uniqueness – A helmet treatment that conveys the mascot in a novel way.
  4. Local or regional meaning. A logo that drawings on the local culture and is incorporated into the image gets extra credit.

This seems more like I am judging figure skating.

Atlanta Falcons – The Falcon is the best stylized treatment of all NFL logos. Good use of color and anatomical features like the eyes, beck, wing, and talon. (image source is

Cincinnati Bengals – The Bengal strips are unique; some say ugly. But I think this is the most inspired helmet design in the NFL. They do a good job on thier uniforms too. (image source is

Seattle Seahawks – I don’ know what a Seahawk is. But if its image was designed by the aboriginal tribes of the Pacific Northwest, then it might look something the this logo. This Seahawk image did a great job of incorporating strong regional cultural design (image source is

Share with me your favorite helmet logos. Tell me why you like it and don’t be a homer!

You can drawing your symbols about you at

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