Cheyenne Tribal Symbol – The Morning Star

July 24, 2010
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My parents, my wife, and I were traveling through the sparse Southern Montana landscape. We were driving through the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation and I kept noticing this symbol. It is the tribal symbols of the Northern Cheyenne Native Americans. The present day flag of Northern Cheyenne Tribe in Southern Montana is emblem of Chief […]

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Qwest Field Symbols of Seattle

July 4, 2010

Last week I ran the Rock n Roll Half-Marathon in Seattle. The finish line was at Qwest Field, home of the Seattle Seahawks. These symbols are at the North end of the Staduim.  I looked them up and found this at the Qwest Field website: Bob Haozous’ installation on the stadium’s North Tower is assembled […]

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Coach John Wooden – Pyramid of Success

June 6, 2010
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My Dad was a basketball coach. I remember him reading John Wooden books when I was growing up. John Wooden influenced a man’s character. Coach Wooden coaching style and discipline certainly influenced my father. And indeed that influenced me. If you are not familiar with Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success, please click here and read […]

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Tombstone Symbolism

June 1, 2010
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CNN posted an interesting collection and discussion of Christian and Jewish cemetary headstones. Tombstone Symbolism. Read the comments below on the post and you will see the silly discussion about what God does and doesn’t do from both foolish “believers” and non-believers. It always strikes me as odd that since we people cannot be God, […]

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Icon of Hope

May 28, 2010
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Who is your Inunnguaq? The Icon of Hope is a Gift of Gratitude for someone who has helped you on our journey. The Inuit people of Northern Canada build stone structures to point the way across desolate tundra and ice. Sometimes built in the shape of a man, they are called Inunnguaq. These stone sentinels […]

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Basketball and the Game of Life

April 5, 2010
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Yes, I LOVE Basketball.  My dad was a basketball coach. I love the headiness of the game. Basketball is a sport where game knowledge, savvy, and scrapiness will trump talent. I am not an raw athlete – I can’t jump and I’m skinny. When I walk on the court with a bunch of other players who don’t […]

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The Easter Egg – a Symbol of New Life

April 4, 2010
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The Easter Egg represents rebirth for a new life as represented by the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. Early Christians painted the eggs red.  It was to symbolize the blood of Jesus shed on the cross, the egg shell symbolized the tomb in which he was buried, and cracking the egg on Easter morning represented the […]

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